The Research Training Group (RTG) provides a broad education and numerous qualifying measures for the PhD students.

Major aims of the qualification program are:

– to improve graduate training by creating an active, motivating, excellent and international research environment
– to foster critical thinking and acting, creativity and personal responsibility
– to encourage graduates to develop own ideas, discuss them in an open forum and convert them into meaningful action
– to generate an open-minded international environment in which both the PhD students and the PIs can work together
  with tolerance and respect, in collaboration with people from different cultural backgrounds
– to guide graduate education by establishing a definitive and transparent program structure
– to advance graduate career opportunities in both the academic world and in industry

The elements of the qualification program are:

1st year2nd year3rd year
RTG seminar (monthly)one presentationone presentationone presentation
methodology seminar (8 times per year)  active participationactive participationactive participation
RTG colloquium (8 times per year)participationparticipationparticipation
Mercator lecture (10-15 h)participationparticipationparticipation
retreatflash presentationposterposter or talk
workshops- Good scientific conduct
- Time and data management  
one from Graduate School portfolioone from Graduate School portfolio
research stay abroad    - three months
    - Ethics in science and engineering
conference visitposter or talkposter or talk
writingarticle writingarticle writing
organization                     one task
supervision               one pre-graduate research student