Annual Meeting of the Research Training Group

Annual Meeting 2021

To welcome the students of the second cohort in the research training group, a one-week retreat was organized on October 3-8, 2021. This first retreat including the second cohort took again place at the Landhotel Klaukenhof, Lennestadt.

group photo in front of the Landhotel Klaukenhof

Thanks to strict regulations and a careful organization, the PhD students and PIs of the graduate school could finally meet in person again. From the 3rd to the 8th October, they spent a whole week filled with scientific program, with lots of interesting talks, workshops and hands-on experience. The PhD students presented their own work to each other by means of flash talks. In order to get a common level of knowledge, the principal investigators and research associates of the collaborating institutions RUB and TUD organized scientific seminars covering all main topics of “Confinement-Controlled Chemistry”. These seminars were highlighted by interactive exercises, e.g. preparation and presentation of peer-reviewed articles, group exercises, discussions and hands-on experiments. In the evenings, a couple of social events were offered where the new PhD students could get to know each other and build up a network. These events included a climbing and trampoline event and a restaurant visit. After this wonderful week, we would like to thank all speakers and participants for their dedication and cautiousness in the pandemic situation, as well as the staff of the Landhotel Klaukenhof for the great service!